Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Family and the Cake

X is enjoying his chocolate cake.

Y is munching his strawberry cake.

Z is eating his blackforest cake.

All three of them are satisfied and felt happy with their cakes.

Then, they wanted the others to try their favourite cake.

X refused the others.

Y said no.

Z still prefers his own cake.

"Chocolate cake is the only one!"

"No, strawberry flavour is the best!"

"You two should try and indulge yourselves into my blackforest cake!"

Obviously, none tried the others' cakes.

Thus, the family lives in quite an awkward state.

If you believe that your cake tasted the best, stick with it, and have faith with it. It's your pride, it's your beliefs. But if it happens that the scent of some other types of cake wafted through your nose, please be considerate. The house is not meant for one type of cake only. After that, do feel free to inspect the scent and get to know more about others' cakes. You may even want to try their cakes if you want to. They are most probably, willing to share.

The family will live happier if every member understands others' cakes.

It is nigh impossible to blend every types of flavour and create one 'new' cake.

But you will also be happy if I know chocolate cake doesn't go well with fish nuggets.

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